Conductora de deportes revela que su hija está viva de milagro

Samantha Ponder, presentadora de ESPN compartió en Instagram uno de los momentos más difíciles de su vida como madre

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Foto de Instagram: @samathaponder

Foto de Instagram: @samathaponder

La famosa presentadora de deportes Samantha Ponder se convirtió en madre por tercera ocasión hace unas semanas.

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La estrella de ESPN y su esposo, Christian Ponder, estaban muy felices con el nacimiento de su pequeña hija a la que llamaron Price.


My mom’s name is Cindi. Today is her 60th birthday. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that’s a little difficult for her. Difficult to think about getting older, difficult to think about some of the regrets, the unfulfilled dreams or wishes and maybe just a feeling that 60 sounds old to her. But forgive me while I ramble on about this woman. My mom is the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. She was a naturally beautiful young woman who could have easily married and coasted through life. Instead, she did hard things. She traveled the world to serve people in places like Calcutta. She spent 3 nights a week my entire childhood serving, loving and making food for inner city kids in Phx. She raised 4 often ungrateful children to love God and value the unloved. She’s spent a lot of the last decade living in the Middle East, loving Jewish and Palestinian young people. The last year, loving and planning for young men from the South Sudan. If you’re noticing a pattern it’s that my mom is a servant. Not because anyone notices or because there’s some monetary reward, but because she genuinely loves people. She’s passed the love she’s been given on to total strangers who can do nothing for her. I know this post is obnoxiously long. I just want people to know that we need to celebrate women like her. Women who love actively and sacrificially. To me, Mom, you define beauty. Your Maker shines brightly through you. 60 has never looked better, Cindi Steele. Love you forever. ❤️ @bubbesworld

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Sin embargo, la conductora de 32 años, se sinceró con sus admiradores de Instagram y reveló uno de los momentos más angustiantes que ha pasado como madre.

Una noche, la pequeña Price se sintió mal

"Luego de una serie de eventos terroríficos y repentinos, nuestra dulce bebé recién nacida Price terminó en una cirugía de emergencia en el medio de la noche".

Los padres llevaron a la recién nacida de emergencia a un hospital de Nnueva York.

Ahí fue sometida a una cirugía de urgencia de la cual logró recuperarse pero Samantha nunca reveló que fue lo que ocurrió ni a que tipo de operación la sometieron.

"Estábamos en shock", escribió la conductora de ESPN en su cuenta de Instagram, la cual tiene más de 300 mil seguidores.


I often struggle with social media. How do I accurately show what my life off of TV is like without appearing to either complain when reality is hard or brag when reality is pleasant? How can I simultaneously be compassionate and relatable to the hurting, but also encouraging and hopeful to people looking for positivity? My tendency to over analyze these decisions makes this post a little scary for me. I know I risk looking like I’m asking for sympathy or even pity. I’m abundantly aware of the undeserved goodness of God I’ve experienced early in life. Especially when it comes to the health of my children and loved ones. Last week, that changed in an instant. Through a series of terrifying and sudden events, our sweet newborn baby Price ended up in emergency surgery in the middle of the night. We were short on time and frankly, in shock. Thanks to the incredible surgical team @mountsinainyc and their skill and decisiveness, our precious girl made it. They treated her like their own, and answered all our blubbering fearful questions. Her recovery in the #NICU was nothing short of miraculous for a tiny body that had just undergone such trauma. I cannot thank the women who cared for her day and night enough. We are home now, still recovering, but overwhelmed with thankfulness for a God who provided real peace and comfort in the midst of our worst nightmare, incredible surgeons, doctors and nurses, parents who didn’t hesitate to jump on a plane and help and the prayers of friends and family who believed for her healing. Oh and thank you to my sweet friend @ellieholcomb for your song “Find You Here”... it got me through hours of waiting room anxiety and fear that I didn’t think I’d be able to bear. Now, back to holding and singing (terribly) to this special girl. Thanks for loving and supporting our family in the good times and bad. ❤️

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La recién nacida Price se recuperó satisfactoriamente

"Su recuperación en la Unidad Neonatal de Cuidados Intensivos fue milagrosa para una pequeña cuyo cuerpito acaba de sufrir tal trauma. No puedo agradecer suficiente a las mujeres y hombres que cuidaron de ella día y noche", compartió la famosa conductora de la empresa de noticias deportivas estadounidense.


Me reading what "sources say"... ��

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"Estamos en casa ahora, todavía recuperándonos, pero abrumados por la gratitud hacia un Dios que nos dio verdadera paz y consuelo en medio de nuestra peor pesadilla, increíbles cirujanos, doctores y enfermeras, padres que no dudaron en subirse a un avión y ayudar y las oraciones de amigos y familiares que creyeron por su curación", escribió en Instagram, junto a las fotografías de su bebé.


So thankful. ��

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