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Lucy, la hija de Carlos Vives, posa desnuda y esto provoca

La hija del famoso cantante colombiano ha posado varias veces ya sin ropa.

Por: Jorge Rodarte

Lucía Vives. Foto: Instagram

Lucía Vives. Foto: Instagram

Estados Unidos. Lucía Vives, la hija del famoso cantante Carlos Vives, vuelve a llamar la atención en redes sociales con otro desnudo. La joven derrocha sensualidad en su cuenta de Instagram y en esta ocasión se muestra desnuda, nuevamente. 

La hija de Carlos Vives, más que elogios, recibe críticas por parte de sus seguidores, debido a su extrema delgadez, a pesar de ello, la fotografía ya supera los 60 mil ‘me gusta'. 

Según información en distintos portales, en la polémica fotografía de la hija de Carlos Vives, ella aparece sentada en el suelo con las piernas recogidas hasta su pecho y sus senos son cubiertos por el largo de su cabello.


woman vs. human • as a young girl i was taught the importance of posture. i was taught ballet and was, luckily, born in a time and place that encouraged primary and even secondary education for young girls. actually, it enforced it. i came to appreciate education and books as quickly as i realized that it was a privilege many women before me didn’t have • during the elizabethan era, it became attractive for women to have private tutors teach them how to be considered cultured and respected in a wealth driven society. a little literature, sometimes a foreign language, a crazy instrument, and , always , how to be a lovely dance partner and mother is what being a woman’s been about. i was even sent to cooking class as a kid. imagine that... a soon to be perfectly maleable, and docile creature for whoever had the privilege to claim me. honestly, as im writing this, i even fantasize about poise and chivalry a little here n there... but as i continue to think about the root of things, i see clearly that even cultured / educated women were and are desirable for a reason. they’re either fascinating, or proof that their families could afford to get the girl someone to teach her a few poems and even have enough time and money to practice the piano daily. wouldn’t that make her a catch? a lovely mother? a wonderfully dependent wife? the truth is, even as the woman’s role evolved, the intention and purpose of her development and standard stayed the same. true, inner freedom for women flourished at such a slow rate, that women lost sight of their unique individuality. their very own potential to grow. we thought our whole happiness and our whole lives would, essentially, be crap unless we were a mom, a great damn mom, and a wife.. a ‘perfect’ wife. these two factors became our limit... our ultimate , our final and our only. it became the definition of our liberation. • a thought i wanted to share as im rereading the feminine mystique by betty friedan... • people cant really feel the freedom of being human unless they can have real, actual freedom to choose.. to be.. and to want.. themselves. • �� @perazna �� @katerina_martina

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Al posar desnuda, se aprecia que sus costillas se marcan sobre su piel, por lo que usuarios la llamaron "anoréxica".


A finales del año pasado, Lucy también modeló sin ropa para la revista Maxim Colombia, en la que se ve tomando un baño de espuma y sobre un caballo; y en 2016, posó sin ropa por primera vez para la revista colombiana de adultos, Soho. 


"En nuestra sociedad y en nuestra cultura, el cuerpo desnudo, especialmente el de la mujer, ha sido reducido a una visión morbosa desde el erotismo. Entonces, cuando se habla de hacer público algo que debería ser natural, salen a relucir todos esos tabúes", dijo la odelo de 22 años a la revista Maxim Colombia.

En sus redes sociales, donde se describe como caribeña, modelo, artista, escritora y activista; la joven colombiana no deja de causar polémica por sus fotografías. 

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